[SciPy-user] Fast saving/loading of huge matrices

Ryan Krauss ryanlists@gmail....
Fri Apr 20 06:36:06 CDT 2007

So, I wanted to try out pytables and run the benchmark Francesc
posted, but I ran into an error.  I downloaded
and installed it, but import tables gives this error:

In [1]: import tables
exceptions.ImportError                               Traceback (most recent call

C:\Documents and Settings\Ryan\<ipython console>

     49 # Import the user classes from the proper modules
     50 from tables.exceptions import *
---> 51 from tables.file import File, openFile, copyFile
     52 from tables.node import Node
     53 from tables.group import Group

    244 # It is necessary to import Table after openFile, because it solves a ci
    245 # import reference.
--> 246 from tables.table import Table

     34 import numpy
---> 36 from tables import tableExtension
     37 from tables.conditions import split_condition
     38 from tables.numexpr.compiler import getType as numexpr_getType

ImportError: cannot import name tableExtension

Is the executable not stand alone?


On 4/20/07, Gael Varoquaux <gael.varoquaux@normalesup.org> wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 20, 2007 at 09:30:15AM +0200, Francesc Altet wrote:
> > As I said before, be used to recarrays. If you have reasons for sticking
> > with dictionaries, it is straighforward converting a dict into a
> > recarray.
> You are most definitely right that most people (including me) don't use
> recarrays enough. However when importing hdf5 I want to keep part of the
> versatility of hdf5: it is hierarchical and can save much more than
> arrays. Dictionnaries can mirror this possibility quite well in Python.
> This is why I think they are well suited for helper functions to do IO
> with hdf5.
> As a side note, we do use this richness of hdf5 in our experiment, to
> store say the time of an experimental run, the temperature of the room...
> Gaël
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