[SciPy-user] Fast saving/loading of huge matrices

Francesc Altet faltet@carabos....
Fri Apr 20 11:26:00 CDT 2007

El dv 20 de 04 del 2007 a les 11:09 -0500, en/na Ryan Krauss va
> I have followed the dll instructions now but am still getting the same
> error message:
> Here are the dll's in the tables directory;
> In [2]: cd C:/Python24/Lib/site-packages/tables/
> C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\tables
> In [3]: ls *.dll
>  Volume in drive C has no label.
>  Volume Serial Number is 4464-F810
>  Directory of C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\tables
> 11/14/2005  04:28 PM           217,088 hdf5_cppdll.dll
> 11/14/2005  04:25 PM           815,104 hdf5dll.dll
> 01/06/2005  06:28 PM            90,112 szlibdll.dll
> 04/17/2006  05:29 PM            73,728 zlib1.dll
> My error message is still:

Mmmm, I always put the DLLs in \windows\system32 and that usually works.
I'm not a windows expert, but I've read that it is enough to put them in
the package directory (i.e., the place you are trying out), but I
vaguely remember that this can create problems...

Another possibility is that the binary that I've generated could be
broken (but it is strange as nobody has complained about this, and it
has been downloaded many times by now).

Well, try with the \windows\system32 (btw, you only need to copy there
hdf5dll.dll, szlibdll.dll and zlib1.dll) directory and tell me how it
goes. If it works, I'll remove the alternate place for DLL's (i.e.
python_installation_path\Lib\site-packages\tables) unless somebody with
more experience with Windows can bring more light here.


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