[SciPy-user] How to install SciPy in the most simplest way ?

Stef Mientki S.Mientki@ru...
Wed Apr 25 02:53:15 CDT 2007


I'm still in the transition of going from MatLab to Scipy,
and installed previous week a SciPy on a PC twice,
through the new "Enstaller".
It's a pitty that there will be no old installer versions anymore
(although I can understand why).

Although I succeeded, the behavior of the Enstaller was different both 
and you can  clearly see  it's an alpha version.
(I already wrote my experiences with the first install,
the second install had the weird phenomena that none of the succesful 
installed packages was detected).

As a spoiled windows user, which by the way are most people in my 
I'm used to a "one-button-install",
so I wonder if it's possible to make a much simpeler install procedure.

I don't know anything about what's required for a good install,
what kind of things things should be stored in the windows registry,
but as Python is an interpretor,
I would expect there should be a very easy procedure:
- Install it on one machine,
- copy the complete subdirectory to another computer
Does this work for Python + Scipy ?

Though the above question might seem a lot of fuzz about nearly nothing,
it's very essential for my plan,
in which I want to convince the other people at our university to move 
from MatLab to Python.
For windows users, the "one-button-install" is essential,
otherwise most windows users, will not even try a new package.

Sorry for the long post, about "nothing" for non-windows users ;-)

Stef Mientki

Kamer van Koophandel - handelsregister 41055629  / Netherlands Chamber of Commerce - trade register 41055629

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