[SciPy-user] random numbers in scipy

Andrew Straw strawman@astraw....
Wed Apr 25 10:48:05 CDT 2007

Giovanni Samaey wrote:
> I now understand the situation that scipy.stats builds upon 
> numpy.random, and adds stuff without claiming to expose all that is in 
> numpy.random (such as the seeding).  Thanks for helping !
> I repeat that I am willing to document this, if this effort will come in 
> an "authorative" documentation (ie at the right place) and will be 
> properly reviewed. 
> That part of my previous message has not been answered.
Gael already answered if you want to make a wiki page, which is one of 
the "authoritative" means of documentation we have. Another, probably 
slightly more so, is the docstrings. Your efforts in this regard will 
certainly be reviewed and incorporated if acceptable to a developer if 
you make a patch against the svn version of scipy and create a Trac 
ticket containing the patch.


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