[SciPy-user] How to install SciPy in the most simplest way ?

Stef Mientki s.mientki@ru...
Fri Apr 27 12:00:12 CDT 2007

hello Bryce,

Bryce Hendrix wrote:
> Stef,
> What problems did you run into with Enstaller? 
I put a copy of my remarks below, don't know if they arrived at Enthought.
> Its no longer alpha- 
but as far as know, you can't find it on the Enthought site,
unless you know the exact URL.
> although some features are missing, it should behave very well. There 
> haven't been any changes in several weeks, I encourage you to try it 
> again if its been a while.
I tried a few days ago.
The problem might be a difference in the definition of user friendly,
between NIX and Windows users.
> If you want a simple install, you can create an msi that has a custom 
> action to call a script which will install eggs using the Enstaller in 
> the command line mode. You can also just copy the Python install 
> directory to another machine, it should work okay,
That's really great news, (and the answer I was hoping to get ;-)
because I just tested it just a little bit and it seems to work.
>  but you won't get the 
> start menu additions
I think there's a solution for, but I have to test it.
>  or the explorer integration (double clicking on a 
> python file will do nothing).
No, but for that you've to change the windows registry.
So possibly I make this an optional install feature.

Stef Mientki

========== start copy ===========

thank you for creating Enthought edition.

I downloaded it a few months ago, at everything went fluently.
Because of a buggy signal library, I was advised (by Robert Kern) to 
upgrade my package.
As a beginner to Python and a spoiled windows-user this didn't went so 
(and I realize it's an alpha version)

Here a my steps and remarks.
- I removed all python from my winXP (SP 1)
- I used the msi installer, which works great (real windows ;-)
- After it installed basic Python on "P:\Program Files\Python\"
it started some kind of DOS box (probably Python) which closed right away
- Then I figured out (by trying some different installs) that the 
problem was in the SPACE in the filepath
- So I deinstalled Python again
- Installed Python at "P:\Python\",  and it worked, great !!

And my first tests with signal.py showed less bugs, I think I still have 
some troubles,
but I will investigate that in the next few days.

Now some remarks about enstaller (remember I'm a spoiled windows user ;-)
- the user interaction is terribly slow (2.5 GHz AMD)
- the scroll button on the mouse makes much too small steps
- why not a button "select all packages to install" , after all what's a 
few GB nowadays
- there seemed to be no progressbar, so I wondered what was going on (I 
later discovered some logging)
- the reposteries where not updated correctly ( a number of packages 
were marked as "n", which I presumes means "No", but were colored blue, 
and reinstalling gave message "succesfully installed" but marked was 
still "n"

Thanks for enstaller (despite it's alpha characteristics),

Stef Mientki
=========  end copy =========

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