[SciPy-user] Distributed Array Library?

Gregory Crosswhite gcross@u.washington....
Fri Apr 27 15:35:30 CDT 2007

Thank you very much for the comprehensive response.  :-)

> 4.  Someone could write low-level code using numpy+mpi4py
> We (the IPython1 devs) have thought about this some.  To provide basic
> distributed arrays wouldn't be very difficult. ...

Out of curiosity, how had you all been thinking about doing this?

One thing that had come to my mind was somehow one might use  
GlobalArray as a back-end and the ndarray interface as a front-end,  
but so much of the ndarray code assumes that one can use pointer  
arithmetic to access the data that I couldn't see a good way to make  
this work.  Is there a clever way of implementing a distributed array  
that would allow one to re-use as much of the numpy core code as  

Thanks again,

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