[SciPy-user] Testing BOF at scipy'07?

Karl Young Karl.Young@ucsf....
Wed Aug 1 12:46:40 CDT 2007

Sounds great to me; I need to learn a lot more about developing good 
testing practices (given that it doesn't conflict with the planned 3D 
visualization BOF on Thursday evening as I've already agreed to be 
counted for that).

>Hi all,
>I wonder if people would be interested in a little session about
>testing practices at scipy this year.  I know Titus Brown will be
>there for the tutorials, and he's one of the gurus in this topic, I
>don't know if he'll be around for the rest of the week.
>Testing is something that drives me nuts, because I have yet to find a
>workflow that I'm really happy with, so that the friction between
>interactively experimenting with a problem/development and turning
>that work into permanent, solid tests for the life of a code, is
>minimized.  I would thus like to hear from others: experiences,
>tricks, tools, workflow approaches, etc...
>Any takers?  If not a BOF, an informal testing lunch/dinner would also
>be OK with me, even on Tuesday or Wednesday...
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