[SciPy-user] Python evangelism question: procedural programming

Reynaldo Baquerizo skraelings001@gmail....
Fri Aug 3 10:37:33 CDT 2007

Ryan Krauss escribió:
> I have a colleague in our electrical engineering department who today
> asked me "What's good about Python?".  I responded with "What's bad
> about Python?"
> I am used to responding to engineering colleagues in terms of Python
> vs Matlab, but this particular person uses Mathematica almost
> exclusively.  So, he wanted to know if Python could be used like
> Mathematica in terms of writing rule and procedure based programs.  I
> don't know how difficult this would be.
> I don't do this kind of work and think of Mathematica primarily as a
> symbolic algebra language, so that Python could not easily replace it.
> Does anyone have experience of coming from Mathematica to Python and
> whether or not I should try and convince this person to pursue Python?
it might be of interest http://www.sagemath.org/


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