[SciPy-user] fftw3 wrappers

Lars Friedrich lfriedri@imtek...
Tue Aug 7 04:10:45 CDT 2007


in the numpy mailing list, I was told that

>     - if you care about speed (that is, faster than numpy), then use 
> scipy.fftpack with fftw3: there are wrappers in scipy for it. 

I am using version '0.5.3.dev3173' of scipy. Where do I find the 
fftw3-wrappers? When I just use scipy.fftpack.fft2, I do not see any 
speedup compared to numpy.fft.fft2. I googled a bit and found this page:


that has code for fftw2.1.3, but the page says that it is old.

Do I need to compile scipy with some fftw3-switch turned on?



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