[SciPy-user] New scipy release before 8/20?

Chris Lee c.j.lee@tnw.utwente...
Tue Aug 7 10:05:47 CDT 2007

An alternative is to edit the appropriate __init__.py file, it is two 
small changes

so in C:\python25\Lib\site-packages\scipy\misc open then __init__.py 
file and near the bottom change
from numpy.testing import ScipyTest
test = ScipyTest().test


from numpy.testing import NumpyTest
test = NumpyTest().test

then copy that file across all the machines in the lab and provide it 
for students to copy onto their own machines.


Ryan Krauss wrote:
> I would like to encourage my students to use Python in my class this
> Fall.  The first day of class is 8/20.  I have had mediocre luck
> building my own windows installers and I would prefer that the start
> up warnings about scipy.test now being called numpy.test not be
> displayed.
> I know that I am basically a consumer here asking for other people's
> time, but what are the odds of a new scipy release before 8/20?  Or at
> least a windows installer that fixes the scipy.test warning messages?
> I assume that the svn version of scipy has these messages fixed.  I
> could build my own windows installer from svn, but there are always
> test failures when I do it.  I don't know why :)
> Thanks,
> Ryan
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