[SciPy-user] New scipy release before 8/20?

Reynaldo Baquerizo skraelings001@gmail....
Wed Aug 8 10:13:30 CDT 2007

massimo sandal escribió:
> Ryan Krauss ha scritto:
>> My students are not very computer savvy and they perceive installation
>> to be a major hurdle to Scipy usage.  So, asking them to find a
>> replace a file may be enough to drive them to Matlab.
> Sorry if I'm being somehow between offtopic and rude, but if your 
> students are so lazy that replacing a file means using Matlab, 
> therefore your students do not deserve to be... students.
> You're going to teach programming to those guys, so, if they still are 
> not, they *will have to* be computer savy. Explain them why do you 
> think SciPy is better than NumPy (free, open source, fast updates, a 
> complete programming language behind, multiplatform etc.etc.) and let 
> them trust you firmly.
I guess you ment here: why do you think Scipy is better than Matlab.
Just that.



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