[SciPy-user] New scipy release before 8/20?

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Fri Aug 10 19:34:31 CDT 2007

On 8/10/07, Stefan van der Walt <stefan@sun.ac.za> wrote:

> Another option is to build the packages under vmware.  If you can
> obtain a licensed copy of windows somewhere, there are instructions on
> the internet on how to create a vmware image.  Vmplayer is a free
> download.

The player is free but doesn't allow you to create new images, only to
run existing ones.  The vmware SERVER, however, is now also freely


The advantage is that the server product allows the creation of new
images, hence is the one you want if you are going to make a fresh
WinXP install on a linux box.  I've used it successfully under Ubuntu
for a while, and  I love it.



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