[SciPy-user] building scipy from source on Mac Os X 10.4 ppc

Samuel M. Smith smithsm@samuelsmith....
Fri Aug 17 11:17:39 CDT 2007

I am downloading the other gfortran to try it right now.

On 17 Aug 2007, at 09:53 , Zachary Pincus wrote:

> Hello all,
>> Samuel M. Smith wrote:
>>> I erased the svn directory rechecked out and rebuilt without the
>>> sudo, same error.
>> Huh. Does your environment include MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET
>> anywhere? Which
>> compilers, gcc and gfortran, are you using?
> I have also repeatedly run into the MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET error on
> OS X PPC (cf. my earlier messages to this list on the subject).
> In my experience, the issue has been the gfortran version. The latest
> version of the gfortran compiler from hpc.sourceforge.net causes this
> error for me (regardless of any environment settings for
> MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET). The previous revision of the compiler from
> that site works fine, and the compiler at r.research.att.com/tools
> works properly in this regard in my hands as well. (The
> r.research.att.com/tools one can build proper universal binaries,
> too, and is now my preference.)
> I'd be curious to see if this is Dr. Smith's problem as well.
> I'm not sure if the error is triggered by any specific scipy version,
> or if it's due just to some gremlin in the hpc.sourceforge.net
> compiler -- I've never managed to track it down with any more
> specificity than what I reported above.
> Zach Pincus
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