[SciPy-user] finding number of elements in a vector

Rob Falck robfalck@gmail....
Mon Aug 20 07:04:10 CDT 2007

You could use a list comprehension to return a list containing only the
non-zero elements of the list, and then use the built-in len function to
return its length.

mylist = [3,5,0,9,0,8,9]
num_non_zero = len([x fo x in mylist if x != 0])

Or the count method of a list could be used to get the number of elements
that do equal zero.

num_non_zero = len(mylist) - mylist.count(0)

On 8/20/07, Perez Kawumi <pepe_kawumi@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi,
> say i have a vector [3,5,0,9,0,8,9]
> is there any method in python i can use to find out how many non-zero
> vector elements are in this list?
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