[SciPy-user] Scipy/Numpy usage of Blas/Lapack

Anthony Wilson antknee37@earthlink....
Sun Aug 26 10:16:58 CDT 2007

Hello Everyone,
I have been using Scipy/NumPy/Matplotlib for a little bit now. I would
like to move a few of my Matlab and Igor routines over to Scipy/Numpy.
But before I attempt to do so, I wanted to try to better understand the
relationship of Scipy and Numpy and the numerical base libraries used
for Scipy/Numpy.

In reading the documentation I found around scipy.org and
internet, it appears that the Scipy/Numpy libraries use the
Blas/Lapack/Atlas libraries.  Also, that Scipy/Numpy will either use the
native Blas/Lapack/Atlas library on the system or a *_lite version
included with Scipy/Numpy.  If this is correct, does Scipy and/or Numpy
provide a complete interface to the Blas and Lapack libraries for either

Also, if I understand it correctly, Scipy -depends- on Numpy.  But I
noticed that both Scipy and Numpy have some overlap in
functionality/routines (i.e. fft).  Is this intentional?  Which is
better to use?  Is there a list that identifies duplicate functions?

Any information or pointers to sites would be greatly appreciated.


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