[SciPy-user] Windows installer that includes delaunay module?

Grant Edwards grante@visi....
Wed Aug 29 17:00:06 CDT 2007

I'm trying to port a Python program that uses Delaunay
triangulation to the Win32 platform, and the delaunay module
I'm currently doesn't seem to be available for Win32.

My Win32 machine is running the latest Enthought Python release
which includes SciPy -- which doesn't include the
sandbox/delaunay module.

Do the newer scipy installers include the delaunay module?

If not, can anybody point me to a Delaunay triangulation module
for Enthought Python?  I don't have the toolchain required to
build Python extensions, so a pure Python module may be the
easiest option.  I realize it's going to be slow, but it only
has to deal with a couple hundred points, and it's OK if it
takes a few minutes to run.

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