[SciPy-user] Need help for installing numpy & scipy on linux with MKL

Jaonary Rabarisoa jaonary@free...
Thu Aug 30 15:10:38 CDT 2007

Hi all,

I'm trying to install scipy on a linux distribution with intel MKL.  
When I run the command

  > python setup.py config

I get this output

F2PY Version 2_4024
   libraries mkl,vml not found in /usr/local/lib
   libraries mkl,vml not found in /usr/lib

It seems that it couldn't find the MKL library. I've create a  
site.cfg file with

123 [mkl]
124 library_dirs = /certis/nosave2/rabariso/local/intel/mkl/64
125 mkl_libs = mkl,vml
126 include_dirs =/certis/nosave2/rabariso/local/intel/mkl/include

as said in installation instruction on the scipy web site. I put this  
file in the distutils directory (or in my numpy root directory) end  
even with that it didn't find MKL at all.

Your help will be appreciated,

Best regards,


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