[SciPy-user] Question about Eggs and easy_install

Lorenzo Isella lorenzo.isella@gmail....
Thu Dec 6 08:20:21 CST 2007

Dear All,
This question is more about operating system than SciPy itself.
I recently tried to install mayavi2 on my system (Debian testing). I
think I did a bit of mess, though now scipy fine apart from a few
annoying warnings.
First I tried to use eggs and then the procedure described below:

>One of the easiest ways to get things installed without eggs right now
>is to first install the dependencies -- wxPython 2.6, python-vtk and
>numpy and then grab the tarballs here:

>Untar them and build them each

 > cd enthought.traits
 > ./build.sh
 > vi/emacs install.sh
 > ./install.sh

I think that Numpy got updated to a version not yet available in the
standard Debian testing repositories.
My question is: as soon as  newer versions of Numpy and SciPy make it
into Debian testing, will I be able to install them automatically with
the usual apt-get upgrade?
In other words: suppose, by absurd, that tomorrow SciPy 1.0 and Numpy
1.7 are released simultaneously as Debian testing packages; will my
system upgrade to them automatically?
I am simply wondering if I am now "condemned"  to use this
non-standard (for me) procedure for updating SciPy & co.
Of course, I am not blaming the list for the advice I got, just I
realize I may not be experienced enough to delve into this at this
Many thanks


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