[SciPy-user] Question about Eggs and easy_install

Reynaldo Baquerizo skraelings001@gmail....
Thu Dec 6 12:04:55 CST 2007

> I think that Numpy got updated to a version not yet available in the
> standard Debian testing repositories.
> My question is: as soon as  newer versions of Numpy and SciPy make it
> into Debian testing, will I be able to install them automatically with
> the usual apt-get upgrade?
> In other words: suppose, by absurd, that tomorrow SciPy 1.0 and Numpy
> 1.7 are released simultaneously as Debian testing packages; will my
> system upgrade to them automatically?

In general, any package that you build yourself is not updated cause 
'apt' isn't aware of its presence.
So, if you want to update to a recent version you have to do it manually.

Be aware of, if you are keeping too different versions of scipy, numpy, 
etc ..one maintained by 'apt' and the other by you , then only the one 
maintained by 'apt' will be updated.

> I am simply wondering if I am now "condemned"  to use this
> non-standard (for me) procedure for updating SciPy & co.
> Of course, I am not blaming the list for the advice I got, just I
> realize I may not be experienced enough to delve into this at this
> stage.
> Many thanks
> Lorenzo

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