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Sat Dec 8 04:18:30 CST 2007

2007/12/8, stef mientki <stef.mientki@gmail.com>:
> hello,
> A month ago or so we discussed the possibilities to use Vision as a
> possibility
> to enhance Scipy to make it more look like some of the commercial
> scientific packages.
> I looked if I could use Vision,
> but as some of you already said: "Vision is not very pretty" ,
> and I have to admit I didn't get it working within a limited amount of
> time.
> Also the other packages, Orange and Elefant,
> were too difficult for me to get them working in a short time.
> So therefor I just started to fork another application I'm working on,
> which just uses wxPython, to see what I could accomplish.
> Although it's just a "proof of concept" ,
> made from a quick and dirty glueing of some (most already existing)
> components,
> a large part of the program is already working quit well.
> If you're interested, look here:
> http://stef.mientki.googlepages.com/pylab_works_1.html
> (10MB, 8 minutes)
> Any comment, suggestions, domain expertise are very welcome.

It's great, but the fact that you do real time job as well splits
applications in two : the one that need it and teh one that must not have
it. If I have to iterate on a folder and apply something to each element in
the folder and then save it, I would use a for loop with a sub worflow with
the load, process and save boxes inside the for loop box, not outside.

Now, I think that if an input is connected to something, the associated
editor should not be displayed.

But great job, I didn't create such an application that works that well even
if I started a long time ago ;)

Hearing that Enthought is working on something similar,
> I'm still very curious to see their concept.

Yes, their block_canvas will be a huge competitor with the support of the
Traits library for modifying and/or displaying variables. For what I saw, it
will beat Vision hands down (their workflow is a Python script directly, so
adding new functions is generally straightforward).

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