[SciPy-user] using STL in scipy weave inline

Vincent Favre-Nicolin vincefn@users.sourceforge....
Mon Dec 10 14:46:01 CST 2007

On lundi 10 décembre 2007, Michael ODonnell wrote:
> OS Microsoft XP SP2 x86
> python 2.5.1
> compiler: mingw
> Does anyone have experience using multimap or the standard template library
> within weave inline? I need to create a map that contains numeric keys
> which are paired to a string, but I get an error when declaring the
> multimap function. If i include <map> I get other errors about namespace
> and if don't then I get an error for not declaring the multimap. Neither
> method works.

   I have not used the STL with weave, but have you tried either :

(1) adding "using namespace std;" to the beginning of your code

(2) using "std::multimap" (and same for string : "std::string") for all the 
STL classes you use ?

Vincent Favre-Nicolin
Université Joseph Fourier
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