[SciPy-user] Green's function

Lou Pecora lou_boog2000@yahoo....
Tue Dec 11 10:52:19 CST 2007

There is no particular special function called the
Green Function (sometimes named Green's Function). 
Green functions are special solutions of certain
partial differential equations (PDE), i.e. they are a
certain class of functions.  It's like saying
Orthogonal Polynomials -- that's a class, not a
particular type. 

Green functions have the property that when used in
the PDE they yield a Dirac delta function.  That makes
them useful for the solution of the same PDE, but with
a nonhomogeneous term added to the "other side."

So each PDE has it's own Green function.  Eg. the
Helmholtz equation,

 D^2 G + k^2 G=0  (D^2 = Laplacian)

has the Green function  G(r,r')= i H_0(k|r'-r|)/4,
where H_0 is a Hankel function and i=sqrt(-1).

I suggest you look at some texts (maybe mathematical
physics books) for the subject.  Even a Google search
will give you some information.

-- Lou Pecora

--- Natali Melgarejo Diaz <nmelgarejodiaz@gmail.com>

> Hi to everyone i'm new in this list...i have a
> question about a
> formula i haven't found yet..., do you know the
> "Green function"??. Is
> there anything similar in Scipy??, 'cause in Matllab
> there is one but
> i haven't found it in Scipy yet.
> Thanks in advance to everyone ;))
> ********Natali********

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