[SciPy-user] Operations on Arrays in SciPy

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Tue Dec 11 15:19:32 CST 2007

Lorenzo Isella wrote:
> Dear All,
> A  probably quick question:  SciPy's arrays are objects  with methods, 
> are they not?


> For instance,  consider the following:
> import scipy as s
> z=s.arange(30)
> mean_z=s.mean(z)
> mean_z_2=z.mean()
> Is there a reason why one way of operating on the array should be 
> preferable?

scipy.mean() can accept anything that can be converted to an array, like a list
of numbers.

> Is it the same thing to work out the mean of z as mean_z or mean_z_2?


Robert Kern

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