[SciPy-user] using STL in scipy weave inline

Matthieu Brucher matthieu.brucher@gmail....
Wed Dec 12 12:01:14 CST 2007

2007/12/12, Michael ODonnell <odonnems@yahoo.com>:
> I tried to use #include <map> at the beginning of the script originally
> but when I did this I got a bunch of errors about the <map>. My question: is
> there a way to list the headers at the beginning of the script rather than
> passing through the weave.inline code? I am interested in knowing this
> because I will need to do this for several things and iI would like to
> minimize the information  in the command line as much as possible.

You can't include it in your code directly as the code is in fact put in
another function. The cleanest way is to use the headers keyword.

Secondly, can someone explain the py:: code. I have seen this but I got an
> error when I try to include it in my code? I am not getting an error with
> the code Eric attached.

py:: est the namespace where the wrappers between Python and C++ objects are
made. Weave seems to use the SCXX package according to the source code (but
I'm not sure it is the real package).

Third, can someone recommend any documentation or books that may help me
> with the interface between python and c++? For example, understanding the
> py::. I have not seen a whole lot on line.

There are no such book at the moment. There are tutorials for SWIG, less for
Boost.Python, but for weave, I don't know.

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