[SciPy-user] get result array after timeseries operations

Tim Michelsen timmichelsen@gmx-topmail...
Tue Dec 18 15:09:05 CST 2007

this is meant as a continuation to

How can one save the read the result of time series operations into a array?

For instance, if I convert data in an hourly frequency to daily averages 
how to I read the daily averages into a array for further processing?

when I print out my daily timeseries converted from hourly data I get 
something like this:

In: myvalues_ts_daily
timeseries([  1.4   89.4  3.5 ...,  11.5  1.6
     0.        ],
            dates = [01-Feb-1995 ... 01-Dec-2006],
            freq  = D)

What I would like is an array with just the values of the daily averages .
Additional a report-like array output with the format
day value
1   3
2   11

would be nice.

How can I achieve this?

Do I need to use the report functions [1]?

Thanks again for the ice package. Things are looking nice!


[1] Reports - 

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