[SciPy-user] weave and mingw on win xp sp2 bug?

mani sabri mani.sabri@gmail....
Sat Dec 29 03:52:32 CST 2007

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>2007/12/29, mani sabri <mani.sabri@gmail.com>:
>	Hi
>	Yeah, exactly. do you know where is the code responsible for it? I
>wasn't able to find the code for -c option because it does not exist in "-c
>" form in any .py file in weave subdir. May be it is in makefile.in. imho
>this will be solved by putting quotes around the file path.
>It must be in Python distutils module, so your chances to fix it this way
>are next to zero :(
>	p.s: numpy.distutils.tests() runs without this problem from the same
>path.! ("C:\program files\Python24..")
>That can happen.
>Your best shot is using the default location for Python, that is
>c:\Python24\ This way, it will work.

Then I should do that. Its time to attack the environment variables once
more! ;)

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