[SciPy-user] scipy.test segfaulting in Windows

Andres Corrada-Emmanuel corrada@cs.umass....
Sat Dec 29 11:37:52 CST 2007


First off, let me thank all the developers of scipy for creating such an 
   excellent tool for scientific computation. After a week of struggling 
with some C++ packages and their python bindings, I found that the 
scipy.sandbox.delaunay package is just what I needed. It was a cinch to 
compile and install in Windows under Cygwin and natively.

I got greedy and wanted to make sure that the installation tests worked 
and got the segfault on both the native Python and the Cygwin Python 
sides that others have mentioned on the web.

I've tried building it with:

python setup.py build config_fc --noopt

but got the same segfault.

Any idea of how this can be fixed? What needs to be tweaked?


Using UMFPACK in Cygwin requires that UMFPACK be linked to 
UFconfig/xerbla/libcerbla.a to avoid linker errors while building scipy 
with umfpack support

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