[SciPy-user] scipy.test segfaulting in Windows

Andres Corrada-Emmanuel corrada@cs.umass....
Sat Dec 29 19:26:14 CST 2007

The problem is related to the test_histogram tests in test_ndimage.py. 
Commenting out the tests results in the test suite completing but two 
failures occur later on (with no segfault) also related to nd_image:

generic filter 1
generic 1d filter 1

Andres Corrada-Emmanuel wrote:
> Hello,
> First off, let me thank all the developers of scipy for creating such an 
>    excellent tool for scientific computation. After a week of struggling 
> with some C++ packages and their python bindings, I found that the 
> scipy.sandbox.delaunay package is just what I needed. It was a cinch to 
> compile and install in Windows under Cygwin and natively.
> I got greedy and wanted to make sure that the installation tests worked 
> and got the segfault on both the native Python and the Cygwin Python 
> sides that others have mentioned on the web.
> I've tried building it with:
> python setup.py build config_fc --noopt
> but got the same segfault.
> Any idea of how this can be fixed? What needs to be tweaked?
> p.s.
> Using UMFPACK in Cygwin requires that UMFPACK be linked to 
> UFconfig/xerbla/libcerbla.a to avoid linker errors while building scipy 
> with umfpack support

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