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On a different slant on this topic: Is there documentation on how to 
setup a debugging environment for scipy? I mean by that some sort of 
step-by-step instructions on how to build a debugging version, what 
tools are useful (nm, objdump, etc.) and how to step thru the pdb and/or 
gdb at the same time. I once knew how to do this with extension modules 
with gdb but have lost the knowledge after years of disuse. This sort of 
documentation could help people like me who are users of scipy to 
acquire skills that can help the scipy developers when debugging problems.

Georg Holzmann wrote:
> Hallo!
>> Eric apparently does not know anything about zipped eggs. The setuptools egg is
>> zipped and pkg_resource.py is inside of it. In debug mode, I imagine it tries to
>> load the source of every module that gets imported.
> Thanks - yes sorry, this problem is only with eric. I just tried 
> pydev/eclipse and there is no such problem.
> I wanted to find a good IDE for numpy/scipy scripts - pydev/eclipse 
> works quite good, but there is no interactive console during debugging 
> where you could plot some numarrays ...
> Thanks,
> LG
> Georg
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