[SciPy-user] Windows binary 0.5.2 requires SSE2

Jonathan Griffitts griffitts_lists@comcast....
Sat Feb 3 16:11:08 CST 2007


I have installed SciPy 0.5.2 for Python 2.5 on several Windows
computers, using the precompiled binary scipy-0.5.2.win32-py2.5.exe.
This works fine on some, but on others it crashes Python with an Illegal
Instruction exception.  The crash is easy to find by running the test()
suite or by attempting to make any use of scipy.integrate.quad.

Digging into it, I see that the exception comes from _quadpack.pyd, and
it dies at a MOVSD instruction.  I believe MOVSD is an SSE2 instruction
that is only implemented on the more recent CPUs from both Intel and

Has anyone out there compiled win32 binaries for Python 2.5 and older
CPUs without SSE2?  If so, could I beg for a copy?  If not, I'll dig
into getting set up to compile SciPy myself.

                        Jonathan Griffitts
AnyWare Engineering                             Boulder, CO, USA

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