[SciPy-user] scipy.optimize.leastsq error estimates

Ewald Zietsman ewald.zietsman@gmail....
Tue Feb 6 02:02:26 CST 2007

Hi all,

I want to fit a sinusoid of the form A*cos(2*pi*f*t) + B*sin(2*pi*f*t) to
irregularly spaced data so that I can get a wave of the  form C*cos(2*pi*f*t
+ phi) where C**2 = A**2 + B**2 and phi = arctan(-B/A). I have implemented
this using the leastsq function but, I'd would like to also know the
variances ( or standard errors ) of A,B and f. Is there a way I can get the
variance-covariance matrix out from leastsq? or at least get a good estimate
of the standard errors of my unknowns?

-Ewald Zietsman
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