[SciPy-user] find(M) equivalent for sparse matrices?

David Warde-Farley david.warde.farley@utoronto...
Tue Feb 6 15:37:18 CST 2007

Hi there,

I'm porting some Matlab code to Numpy and having some trouble.  
Basically, in the matlab code we have a line that does a find() on a  
sparse matrix and grabs out the rows, columns and values of the non- 
zero element positions. It then modifies each element in a manner  
dependent on its row and column, and then stores all the elements  
back into their original spots.

I can't figure out a way to do this, as comparisons don't  seem to be  
implemented for the sparse matrix classes. I suppose I should mention  
I'm using Python 2.4, scipy 0.5.1, numpy 1.0.

Anyone got an idea of how to do this?

By the way, what I'm doing can be expressed as left and right  
multiplying it by a (the same on both sides) diagonal matrix, but  
this appears to take a lot longer than it should when I write it that  
way (with the diagonal stored as a sparse).


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