[SciPy-user] Windows binary 0.5.2 requires SSE2

Jonathan Griffitts griffitts_lists@comcast....
Wed Feb 7 13:00:50 CST 2007

In message <45C510E8.3060602@comcast.net>, John Hassler
<hasslerjc@comcast.net> wrote
>Jonathan Griffitts wrote:
>  Hi!
>  I have installed SciPy 0.5.2 for Python 2.5 on several Windows
>  computers, using the precompiled binary scipy-0.5.2.win32-py2.5.exe.
>  This works fine on some, but on others it crashes Python with an
>  Illegal
>  Instruction exception.  The crash is easy to find by running the
>  test()
>  suite or by attempting to make any use of scipy.integrate.quad.
>  Digging into it, I see that the exception comes from _quadpack.pyd,
>  and
>  it dies at a MOVSD instruction.  I believe MOVSD is an SSE2
>  instruction
>  that is only implemented on the more recent CPUs from both Intel and
>  AMD.
>It's a problem with the Athlon.  It also happened with a previous
>version of SciPy this summer. 

This is not just an Athlon issue.  It also fails on a Pentium 3

To reiterate, this binary (scipy-0.5.2.win32-py2.5) uses SSE2
instructions, which are available only on the newer CPUs from both AMD
and Intel.

                        Jonathan Griffitts
AnyWare Engineering                             Boulder, CO, USA

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