[SciPy-user] Hints for easy install of scipy on RHEL 4?

Russell E. Owen rowen@cesmail....
Fri Feb 9 14:45:23 CST 2007

In article 
 "Paul Barrett" <pebarrett@gmail.com> wrote:

(in response to my question about how to most easily obtain a 
scipy-friendly blas/lapack for RHEL 4, because the one that comes with 
RHEL 4 is not)

> Is RHEL 4 necessary?  I had the same problems building scipy, so I
> decided to save myself some grief.  I installed FC 6 instead, while I
> wait for RHEL 5. If you have to have RHEL as opposed to FC, then I
> suggest you upgrade to RHEL 5beta2, which is based on FC 6/7.

That is very interesting. So if we can hold off for RHEL 5 then the 
problem magically goes away? I'll see if we can do that.

(This is for a large department's worth of linux boxes. I don't manage 
them, but do have permission to install software in a space for shared 
software. Thus I typically can't install RPMs and can only advise when 
it comes to OS versions.)


-- Russell

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