[SciPy-user] savitzky golay filtering

Christian Kristukat ckkart@hoc....
Sat Feb 17 19:12:59 CST 2007


Meesters, Christian wrote:
> Hi
> I wanted to do a Savitzky Golay filtering on my data and came aross this piece of code:
> http://www.dalkescientific.com/writings/NBN/data/savitzky_golay.py
> Well, translating the necessary bits into current numpy/scipy code is driving me crazy. Can somebody give me a hint on the "M = ..."-line, please?

import numpy as N
M = N.dot(N.linalg.inv(N.dot(B.transpose(),B)),B.transpose())

> (Or is there a better way to do this filtering with scipy?)

I don't know.


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