[SciPy-user] ANN: PyDSTool now compatible with numpy 1.0.1, scipy 0.5.2 and 64-bit CPUs.

Rob Clewley rhc28@cornell....
Tue Feb 20 14:02:37 CST 2007

We are pleased to announce version 0.84 of PyDSTool, an open-source
dynamical systems simulation, modeling, and analysis package.

This long-overdue release is primarily intended to bring existing
PyDSTool functionality up to date with the latest numpy and scipy releases
(previous versions required scipy 0.3.2, numarray, numeric, etc).
Also, PyDSTool is now compatible with 64-bit CPUs.

While we have added a few new features and made several fixes, major
improvements to functionality are in the pipeline for version 0.90.

Please see http://pydstool.sourceforge.net for release notes and documentation,
and http://sourceforge.net/projects/pydstool for downloading. As ever, please
send us feedback if you have any problems with this new release or ideas and
code contributions for future releases.


          Rob, Erik, and Drew.
          Center for Applied Mathematics,
          Cornell University.


PyDSTool is an integrated simulation, modeling and analysis package
for dynamical systems, written in Python (and partly in C). It is
being developed at Cornell University, and the source code is
available under the terms of the BSD license. PyDSTool runs on Linux,
Windows, and Macs, and aims to have a minimal number of package

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