[SciPy-user] how to uninstall Mac OS X ScipySuperpack Intel?

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Fri Feb 23 16:30:12 CST 2007

Jason Addison wrote:
> I installed ScipySuperpack-Intel and have had some trouble. I thinking
> about just giving up on it and compiling my own. Before I do, I'd like
> to clean up from the packages that I installed:
>     PyMC-1.1-py2.4-macosx10.4.mpkg
>     gfortranCompleteInstaller.mpkg
>     matplotlib-0.87.7-py2.4-macosx10.4.mpkg
>     numpy-1.0.2.dev3522-py2.4-macosx10.4.mpkg
>     scipy-0.5.3.dev2630-py2.4-macosx10.4.mpkg
> It looks like these install things deep into the filesystem, but I'm
> not sure what and where. Is there an easy way to uninstall? Is there a
> hard way? I didn't see any READMEs or such.

There's no easy way. Blame Apple for that. There is a hard way, though. In
/Library/Receipts, there are bundle directories with metadata about the packages
that you have installed. You need to use the lsbom(1) program to extract the
file names:

$ lsbom
.       40775   501/80
./Py2App        40775   501/80
./Py2App/altgraph       40775   501/80
./Py2App/altgraph/Dot.py        100664  501/80  8425    1846799381
./Py2App/altgraph/Dot.pyc       100664  501/80  9409    2590730341
./Py2App/altgraph/Dot.pyo       100664  501/80  9409    2590730341
./Py2App/altgraph/Graph.py      100664  501/80  19562   2645573956
./Py2App/altgraph/Graph.pyc     100664  501/80  25554   1326377293
./Py2App/altgraph/Graph.pyo     100664  501/80  25554   1326377293

Note that the paths are relative. Look in the Contents/Info.plist file of the
bundle for the IFPkgFlagDefaultLocation value to find the path it is relative
to. The list of "files" also includes directories. Do not remove these until
they are empty and you know that other packages don't have stuff in there.

Also note that those packages you listed are meta-packages. Inside each of these
are individual packages. You will only see receipts for the individual packages.

PITA, frankly. This is one reason why I gave up on these Installer.app packages.
They're just not suited for distributing Python libraries.

Robert Kern

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