[SciPy-user] Does Scipy have the differenciation function?

Gary Ruben gruben@bigpond.net...
Sat Feb 24 01:53:43 CST 2007

In [1]: from scipy import derivative

In [2]: derivative?
Type:           function
Base Class:     <type 'function'>
String Form:    <function derivative at 0x01EC5A30>
Namespace:      Interactive
File:           c:\python24\lib\site-packages\scipy\misc\common.py
Definition:     derivative(func, x0, dx=1.0, n=1, args=(), order=3)
     Given a function, use a central difference formula with spacing dx to
compute the nth derivative at x0.

order is the number of points to use and must be odd.

Warning: Decreasing the step size too small can result in
round-off error.

Gary R.

>   "Hui Chang Moon" <topengineer@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello, Scipy-user Group members,
>> I want to know if the Scipy has the differencitaion 
>> function.
>> I can find the integration fuction (quad), but I can't 
>> know where the
>> differenciation function.
>> Whoever knows the differenciation function, let me know.
>> Thank you.

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