[SciPy-user] A NifTI-1 I/O library for Numpy wrapped through ctypes

Krish Subramaniam krish.subramaniam@gmail....
Tue Feb 27 11:52:02 CST 2007

Cool .. I can write it in the wiki markup language so that it's
searchable.. I can include more code / examples and hopefully a few


On 2/27/07, Anne Archibald <peridot.faceted@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 27/02/07, Krish Subramaniam <krish.subramaniam@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hello Folks
> >
> > I am new here.
> >
> >  Whipped up a quick tutorial "A NifTI-1 I/O library for Numpy wrapped
> > through ctypes" for beginners since I am not an advanced user myself.
> > I have to thank the Numpy developers for their wonderful job. This is
> > a write-up on how to get a library wrapped in ctypes and "translate"
> > the data to a Numpy N-D object. First ever draft.
> >
> > Would it find a way into your wiki or something? so that people who
> > are in the same background as mine ( scientific, wrap an existing C
> > module, seriously contemplate using Scipy instead of Matlab) would
> > benefit. You can find it here :
> >
> > http://krish.caltech.edu/niftiio.pdf
> That's a handy document!
> If you want, you can just register for an account on the wiki (the
> usual two-minute thing) and attach it to some page (not sure what's
> appropriate just now). If you wanted to take a little longer, you
> could copy the text into a wiki page on its own, which would make it
> more searchable.
> Thanks for writing the document,
> Anne M. Archibald
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