[SciPy-user] NumPy in Teaching

Travis Oliphant oliphant.travis@ieee....
Wed Feb 28 16:31:39 CST 2007

Steven H. Rogers wrote:
> I'm doing an informal survey on the use of Array Programming Languages 
> for teaching.  If you're using NumPy in this manner I'd like to hear 
> from you.  What subject was/is taught, academic level, results, lessons 
> learned, etc.

I've used NumPy in a Signals and Systems class and in a Probability 
Theory class.  These were both Junior/Senior level undergraduate classes.

Students were given the option to use Python or MATLAB.  Most chose 
MATLAB because it was installed on the computers they had access to.  It 
is also the language used when other teachers teach the course.

NumPy/SciPy was a complete replacement for MATLAB however.  I did all of 
the labs using NumPy/SciPy and they worked fine.


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