[SciPy-user] SciPy finds wrong lapack

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 10:05:01 CST 2007

J Oishi wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm attempting to use SciPy 0.5.2 with NumPy 1.0.1 on a Scientific Linux
> distribution (which is itself based on Redhat Enterprise, I think). I  
> have
> built ATLAS and ensured I have a complete LAPACK installed in
> /usr/local/lib/atlas (following the instructions on the ATLAS site).  
> NumPy
> and SciPy both build ok, although I had to modify site.cfg for both in
> order to get them to find my ATLAS libraries.

What is your site.cfg and where (and what) are the relevant libraries on your

You might want to use


in order to pick up the static library rather than the shared one.

Robert Kern

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