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Barry Drake bldrake at adaptcs.com
Thu Jan 4 08:40:40 CST 2007

I would be interested in you code.  I plan to buy some of the hardware you mentioned and set something up for a teaching lab.

Barry Drake

Samuel GARCIA wrote: If you want I have written an osciloscope for mpl and pyqt4.
But the code is really dirty.
I have tested it with a usb2 Mesurment Computing Card.
It works quite good for low sampling rate (16 channel 200Hz) and small
window (5s.)
And I am doing something else at the same time (recording to a file and
trigger detection)
So for me mpl is good enough too.

What is the size of data you to refresh 5 frames per second ?


Lars Friedrich wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am using python/scipy to control some hardware using ctypes and some
> self written dlls. Now I have the need to display some data online while
> doing other things. Until now I used matplotlib to plot everything, but
> this is too slow for the online display. What do you recommend?
> What I would like to do as a start is a small simple oscilloscope. I
> read data from a data acquisition card and plot it to a simple 2d-plot.
> I would like to reach roughly 5 frames per second but *being able to do
> something else at the same time*.
> As I said, I tried matplotlib. At the moment I am playing around with
> VTK. I read about chaco. I know that there is gnuplot. Certainly there
> is also wx or something equivalent.
> Is there anyone doing something similar? What do you recommend?
> Thanks for every comment
> Lars Friedrich

Samuel Garcia
Universite Claude Bernard LYON 1
CNRS - UMR5020, Laboratoire des Neurosciences et Systemes Sensoriels
50, avenue Tony Garnier
69366 LYON Cedex 07
Tél : 04 37 28 74 64
Fax : 04 37 28 76 01

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