[SciPy-user] Getting started wiki page

Stefan van der Walt stefan at sun.ac.za
Thu Jan 11 17:33:15 CST 2007

On Fri, Jan 12, 2007 at 12:29:14AM +0100, Stef Mientki wrote:
> Gael Varoquaux wrote:
> > Once again I had to explain to a new student what scipy was, what python
> > was, and what he should read in order to start working with these tools.
> >
> > I have started a "Getting Started" page on the wiki to answer this
> > problem. The idea would be to guide the complete beginner to get him
> > productive as quickly as possible (like the "Getting started" page in
> > matlab).
> >   
> very good idea, as I'am starter myself (started 2 weeks ago),
> I spent a few days typing my first "Python characters".
> That was until I discovered the Enthought-edition (worth to mention on 
> your page).
> Secondly, you mention SPE, which crashed 2 times in 5 minutes :-(
> So I switched to PyScripter (which crashes when doing plots in debug mode),
> but I can live with that ;-)
> btw I know it's a wiki, but I feel myself a to newbie.

Being a 'newbie' is maybe the best time to write documentation -- while you
still know what new users need to know, and how to explain it to them
simply.  Don't feel shy to contribute -- as you say, it's a wiki, so even if
you just scratch down a few ideas those will eventually turn into useful


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