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Stef Mientki s.mientki at ru.nl
Tue Jan 16 17:47:43 CST 2007

<http://www.nanohub.org/contributors/1/>Hi Gael,
apparently not everybody is allowed to edit the pages,
I saw yesterday the lecture of Eric Jones, Travis Oliphant,
despite the not-overwhelming image quality, I think it's real 
information for newbies.
And if the lecture is too long, at least the handouts are great !!
Maybe an idea to add it to "How to learn to use scipy": 

Another interesting point for newbies, might be an overview of variable 
what's the difference between list and tupple ?
I have put my personal notes on my website,
maybe it's worth to include something like this

Stef Mientki

Gael Varoquaux wrote:
> Once again I had to explain to a new student what scipy was, what python
> was, and what he should read in order to start working with these tools.
> I have started a "Getting Started" page on the wiki to answer this
> problem. The idea would be to guide the complete beginner to get him
> productive as quickly as possible (like the "Getting started" page in
> matlab).
> Currently the page is quite empty and pretty bad, but if people start
> improving it it could be very useful and hopefuly be linked from the
> front page.
> The page is not linked by any page yet, but it is accessible at:
> http://scipy.org/Getting_Started
> Cheers,
> Gaël
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