[SciPy-user] still missing io.fopen

Michael Ingrisch michael.ingrisch at med.uni-muenchen.de
Wed Jan 17 08:46:46 CST 2007

Dear all,

Two weeks ago, J.Oishi posted a question concerning the obviously
missing class io.fopen.
I recently changed my system from Windows and SciPy 0.4.something to
Ubuntu Linux and Scipy 0.5.2, and now, I have exactly the same problem.
With info(io), I get a hopeful message, but info(io.fopen) tells me,
that the class doesn't exist.
My script for importing (binary) measurement data from the MR-scanner
doesn't work anymore for this reason.
Is there any known solution or workaround for this problem? 

Thanks in advance,


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