[SciPy-user] [Nipy-devel] how to wrap C++

Karl Young Karl.Young at ucsf.edu
Wed Jan 17 13:08:57 CST 2007

>Many of us happily use python for speed-critical code, and we feel
>that a careful mix of python, numpy, pyrex and raw C provides a very
>good environment with a minimal amount of confusion (since you
>basically only need to know Python and C syntax, pyrex being a blend
>of the two).

Sorry for the tangential question but Fernando's post reminded me of a 
question I had which is what do scipy folks recommend
these days re. wrapping C++ packages. I'm working on a project that 
would like to wrap a C++ NMR simulation package, either as a NiPy 
component or a standalone package to be used in conjunction with NiPy 
(need to determine the best way to do that - NiPy is primarily focused 
on neuroimaging and adding a spectroscopy component might be adding 
unnecessary clutter, even though the ultimate goal is analysis of 
spectroscopic imaging data). Before the original C++ package ceased it's 
evolution (a couple of years ago) one of the developers had gotten about 
halfway through using Boost to provide a python interface. I did a 
little bit of work with SWIG a few years ago but for a very small 
package. So we're not sure whether to try and complete the original 
effort (using newer versions of python and Boost) or to start over with 
a currently more appropriate choice. Any thoughts welcome, thanks,

-- KY

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