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Stef Mientki S.Mientki at ru.nl
Thu Jan 18 08:27:33 CST 2007

David Cournapeau wrote:
> Gael Varoquaux wrote:
>> Hi Robert,
>> I think I share you point of view: on the short term for you project,
>> traits is not a good option. On the long term, I think it might be.
>>>   [rant in French about the French governement putting money in scilab
>>>    which is much less interesting the scipy and Co. ]
>> Yes, I agree with what you said. I have used scilab before, and, appart
>> of the reduce language abilities and toolbox, I must say that when I sent
>> in patches (one-liners) I got told by the developpers that my problems
>> (Linux related) where not a priority.
>> The thing isn't even properly open-source.
> To be fair to scilab (which I don't like much myself either), it was 
> started quite sometime ago, and it has some possibilities that neither 
> octave or python seem to have, such as a kind of clone of simulink, 
> which is supposed to be really useful in some circles.
Very usefull information,
Although I've more or less chosen SciPy as the main tool,
I'm still doubting what to choose, SciPy or SciLab,
but now I think I definitely go for SciPy.

A few months ago, I was requested to see if LabView could be a good 
alternative for
both MatLab and our own data-acquisition and analysis pacakage (in the 
field of Medical Research).
After testing LabView for at most 2 days, I threw it in the garbage can ;-)
So then the question arose, are their other alternatives,
and so I bounced into SciLab and SciPy.
The SciCos part of SciLab is not only MatLab's-Simulink (transfer 
but also includes MatLab's-PowerSim (2-poles) .
Testing the demos, I think SciCos can really compete with the MatLab 
The following issues decided me to choose SciPy:
- embedding of SciLab is very difficult (impossible ?)
- the usenet group is much less active than SciPy, Python usergroups
- Python is usable as a general program language
The fact that SciPy doesn't have a Simulink equivalent, delayed my 
decision for a couple of days,
but let's be positive, maybe SimuPy will be born some day ;-)

Comparing MatLab and SciPy is boring,
everything points in the same direction.
The only disadvantage of SciPy is  "nobody knows it !!"  ;-)

Stef Mientki

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