[SciPy-user] [Nipy-devel] how to wrap C++

Karl Young Karl.Young at ucsf.edu
Thu Jan 18 11:11:38 CST 2007

>What I recall from a while ago, as relayed by John Hunter (matplotlib)
>and Prabhu Ramachandran (mayavi) was that while boost was great, the
>compile times and the resulting binary library sizes were completely
>out of control.  All that templating forces instantiation of an
>enormous number of classes, which makes both time and size explode, to
>the point of making both development and distribution seriously
>problematic.  Both John and Prabhu decided to go with other
>alternatives due to this, I think it was SWIG (whose C++ support has
>greatly improved).
>You might also want to have a look at this:
>Root is a gigantic C++ framework coming from the data analysis world
>of High-Energy physics (aka particle physics).  It was developed at
>CERN and is very widely used.  This guy's talk was very interesting,
>and they seem to have gone for their own (non-boost, non-SWIG)
>solution, with arguments backing up their decision.
Thanks much for the suggestions Fernando. I shudder at the thought of 
using Root though; I used it for a while when I was
at SLAC, mainly for plotting from a C++ package. It is  a very ambitious 
project with a lot of nice features developed by
some good programmers but it's a bit of a monstrosity (one of the jokes 
at SLAC was that it also serves as a toothpaste and floor wax). I liked 
how easy it was to use SWIG though, so given the improved C++ support 
that sounds like the most promising
direction. I'll report back re. what I find.


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