[SciPy-user] QME-Dev Workbench (wxSciPy) Alpha - RELEASED TODAY on sourceforge

Robert VERGNES robert.vergnes at yahoo.fr
Mon Jan 22 01:55:23 CST 2007

Dear All,

The QME-Dev (wxSciPy) workbench for data analysis has been released.

It is an Alpha version for test. Don't blame me for the crashes.

But it is is already possible to use it to graph and process data, load/save; and get/send data to/from the shell and apply python modules to your data.

You will find it on sourceforge at:


For any questions, please use the Forum page of the site.

Also please note that dependencies are(normally):
Python 2.5
SciPy adn NumPy
wxPython 2.8

Earlier version of Python and other earlier libraries might work, but I have not tested it.

As well I did not (yet) test on MacOS and Linux.

In the zip file you will find a Mini-Help on PDF format with a small how-to.

And a concept explanation for developers in the last chapter of the Mini-Help for those interested in.

If you want some modules in:
Any useful function can be added easily and is welcome.
Provided that we are supplied with modules/functions that takes a grid (matrix of float numbers) or tuples (with a matrix) as input. And gives back a grid or tuple (with a matrix) of floating points as output.
But you can already copy/paste your most used function into the editor of a data-page and then process it and get back the result to graph it - nearly directly (you have to press a button).
Graph page   is simple now and allows you only 3 curves at a time on x,y type. But it will be updated to allow other type of graph/plot (3D) etc...

Best Regards


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