[SciPy-user] Re-releasing Python Equations under a new license?

massimo sandal massimo.sandal at unibo.it
Mon Jan 22 04:12:22 CST 2007

Fernando Perez ha scritto:
>  Two of the matplotlib backends (FLTK and WX)
> were contributed by private sector companies who are using matplotlib
> either internally or in a commercial product -- I doubt these
> companies would have been using matplotlib if the code were GPL. In my
> experience, the benefits of collaborating with the private sector are
> real, whereas the fear that some private company will "steal" your
> product and sell it in a proprietary application leaving you with
> nothing is not.

Probably you are right, but remember that with a BSD-ish licence, the 
fact they contributed *back* these backends was just courtesy -not their 
So, perhaps there is much good code based on scipy/mpl that won't ever 
be given back to the community (and that maybe would have been given back).

And using a GPL program internally and modifying it is absolutely right. 
GPL covers redistribution, not internal use.

Moreover, companies do not fear GPL that much anymore. I personally 
think LGPL is better than GPL in this regard, because having to make a 
program GPL just because it links a library seems frankly too much 

- There are indeed large (i.e. with many contributors) GPL projects that 
allow commercial redistribution/double licensing -see MySQL and QT for 
example. I think that what matters is *starting* the project making it 
clear to contributors the double licensing exception.
- As you remarked, BSD code cannot engulf GPL one, but GPL can engulf 
BSD. So the advantages of collaborating with the private sector are 
somehow hindered by the disvantages of having to look hard for free, 
non-GPL-ish code.


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